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Kristin Yee

Kristin Yee

early childhood educator, instructional technologist, crossfitter, culture vulture, world traveler, foodie, cookie monster, snowboarder, gym rat, health food om

ticket out the door--- i like how they could insert an index card or stick a sticky note on it

Autumn-Time is Coming Song

Love trying homemade tortillas •2 cups unbleached flour •1 tsp salt •1/3 cup olive oil •3/4 cup water

Fine Motor Lego Tub

Missing Work on a class calendar. Students take their post-it off and attach it to their late work. Good idea

What a great way to get children using the language of attributes ... long, prickly, bumpy, smooth, etc.

The children hop on a dot as they say each sound in the word. This is great for those kinesthetic learners!

Velcro strips on a paint stir stick for retelling a story, visual schedule, etc. This is a great idea for a mini traveling visual schedule!

Old Navy pixie pants, beaded rose necklace, red flats, chambray

Beautiful DIY Personalized Wreath with your initials