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use large black letters for name, initial or find numbers for age

Silver instead of gold. Cardstock brushed with glitter.

50th birthday card

50th Birthday

50th Birthday. (Use pop-rocks for "rocks"?)

  • Carol Gibson

    This is so cute! Planning my husband 50th and want to know where you got all the cute stuff in this bucket....even the bucket! Love it!

  • Kristi @ DigitalCake

    Unfortunately I found this one on Pinterest, so it isn't mine, but I created one similar that says "50 sucks" for my mom's 50th and it had a bunch of suckers for the "sucks". This one looks like it's a medium size terra cotta pot painted black and I bet you could get the paper mache 5 0 at Michael's or JoAnn's (or your local craft store) and bling them out then find candy of all one color (there are a few places online that sort candy by color that would be helpful). Hope to help!

  • Carol Gibson

    Thank you so much....not too crafty, but I can do it with some suggestions! Thanks again!

50th birthday

50th Birthday Party Ideas

half dipped mason jar in glitter. (silver for black & silver over the hill)