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AWANA derby ideas

Inspiration for AWANA derby car designs!

Ah, the smell of a fresh box of crayons!

Speedy slice of summer

Pinewood Derby car


Sunny side up

Row, row, row your boat!



Platypus AWANA derby design! Hilarious

An eraser to go with the derby car pencil!

create a work of heart: Awana Grand Prix - Pink Pearl Eraser

AG is thinking she wants an AWANA derby car that looks like "real car" - we're thinking about Strawberry Shortcake driving in the race...


We're very fond of this hot dog car design for the AWANA derby

Pencil AWANA derby car design - AG loves this!

Nice! Lightning McQueen AWANA derby car.

Horse AWANA derby design!

Speer Family: The Speer Girl's AWANA Grand Prix Cars

Love the Herbie AWANA derby design!

I like the cute MP3 player derby car design!

LB is already planning on having this design for the AWANA derby

AG likes this Webkins AWANA derby car

Cute AWANA derby rollerskate design!