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Friends are like panties. Some crawl up your butt. Some don't have the strength to hold you up. Some get a little twisted. Some are your favorite. Some are holy. Some are cheap. Some are naughty. And some actually cover your butt when you need them to.

give love out and let it come in // morrie schwartz

Now That's A Beautiful Woman by dianna

♔ a beautiful thing is never perfect...

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Lifehack - Friends, fight for you, stand by you #Friend, #Friendship

Please ! Everyone always has some sort of rude opinion... if you are not being forced to do it then let it go and move on with your life if you don't like it, rather than waste your time fighting something that has literally nothing to do with you.

One of my favorite quotes: "Do small things with GREAT LOVE."

You're gonna figure it out. You always do. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

absolutely love this. so true.

Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you're about to give up hope.

*everyone needs a friend who cares!! I strive to avoid gossip; it's tacky and shows ones true character. If you feel tempted to gossip, pray instead. Pray even if you never speak ill of someone when you know they don't have it together or are going through something! Be like Jesus ~ LOVE