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Clever, Clever!

.Turns out it was "hiding" in the laundry section of my store all along and I never saw it! It's called White Brite and it sells for about $4.00 for a 22 oz bottle (a much better value!) I followed the instructions on the bottle for pre-soaking and mixed 1/2 cup White Brite in a plastic container with 1 gallon of warm water and let soak for about 20-30 minutes, then washed as usual.

Fill a pot with water and a few slices of fresh lemon; bring the water to a boil. Turn off heat, add linens, and let soak for up to an hour; launder as usual. For extra brightening, spread them out in the sunlight to dry.

I wish I had known this - we thawed a lot of vegetables! Ketchup packets as icepacks. They are the perfect size for kid bumps and bruises and they stay soft so they can form to the body part.

~hang towel rods upside down to use as unexpected hanging storage @ Home Improvement Ideas~

1 c water, 1 c vinegar, 1c alcohol, 2-3 drops dishwashing soap.....for shiny wood floors PLUS stainless steel appliances! I need to try this.

keychain charger. Could be perfect for beach, long hikes, or camping.

Wouldn't work in my frig now, but an interesting concept to keep in mind. Nothing would get buried....although it may fly off while being spun around.

Use mitten clips to keep jeans in place when wearing boots! No more saggy knees!

Ooo, this could come in handy! This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.

Smart! Paper towel holder for trash bags on a roll Duh! Sometimes I really hate how dumb Pinterest makes me feel!

25 mind-blowing food prep techniques to save you time & frustration

Perfect for road trips, helps keep your car clean. Find them at the dollar store. Would be great for crayons and toys!!