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Friendship Quotes

.I'm on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done #icanrelate #funny

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I know I will never get the apology I deserve. I've done nothing wrong, yet have been accused of so much. by you, by them. just know you are forgiven.

sometimes its not about being wrong its about understanding that the other person was effected by whatever happened. And you are ackknowledging that you played a part in it

I love this.

Story of my life.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Behind every good woman is a good friend.

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Wow I do not find it funny I find it sad that they truly believe it is not the same for them. That is why I fade them from my life because they will take me off my path and i do not want to prove my point in such a way that will stunt growth, Stupid spoiled people.

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It's true