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Very interesting jeans - the placement of those pockets (or perhaps just slits?) make it seem like you're wearing them backwards. Very nice however!

Balmain Green Extra Slim Stretch Denim Jeans

It's a rare thing for a catwalk outfit to be something I like - they always seem rather... disgusting. But this outfit is truly awesome and something I want in my wardrobe.

I love the fade on this cable knit cardigan.

I need to get some green jeans/chinos... in various shades. Just love the colour in outfits! So crisp.

A great top-half ensemble - would have liked to see what his bottom half was rocking though. Some brown/tan trousers perhaps?

Not usually a cargo pants fan, but these trousers are amazeballs! If they were sold in the UK (without ridiculous delivery fees) and were a bit less than $80 a pair, I might find myself buying some!

A great look - purple AND a waistcoat, plus a trilby on the side? Dream look.

I rather like the highlighted trim on this cardigan - must find something similar!

Just bought this shirt from the amazing folk at Qwertee. Shame I missed out on the £8 pricing, had to buy it at the last-chance price of £10. #HOUSEPRIDE

Wouldn't usually go for something like this, but love the red pair.

Shirt & Tie Combo - yes. Jacket - no. The grey just detracts from the outfit for me.