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Not the kind of dream I would want to miss out on ~shit, I don't care if its a light drizzle. its dean winchester.

Damn straight. I sure as hell ain't watching it for Colin Farrell (gag me). Also, David Tennant says the word "fuck" a lot in it. AND I MEAN A LOT.

I love 9. 9 has a very special place in my heart. But 10 is just a bowl of yummy wrapped in a trench coat.

It's Always Better In Your Dreams

a VERY valid point

  • Elizabeth Mccoy

    And the Capybara is the largest rodent on Earth @Renee Vanvalkenburg.

  • K M

    Did you *seriously* just compare gay people to Satan? wow. That's harsh. What did gay people ever do to you?

  • Renee Vanvalkenburg

    Did "Gays" seriously compare God to hate?

  • K M

    Not the ones I know. God says to love everyone. I happen to know several gay christians. Their own church does not judge them, because of the wisdom of knowing that God is love and we are not called to judge them- that is for God alone.

  • Elizabeth Mccoy

    The sign simply states that God doesn't hate the gay culture. To assume how he see's things is incredibly arrogant. "Put none before me" That includes yourself sweetness.

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How dare she expose her kid to that! *rolls eyes*

pants too tight can also lead to extensive and permanent genital damage guys. just sayin.

You Took It Wrong...

RDJr........ Sexy McSexerton

  • K M

    Sexiest shorty out there! FOX! ♥

seriously, mostly cause I'd like to see them go toe to toe with my family.