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Kayla Westover

Kayla Westover

I love music and movies. I'm a nerdy, crazy girl. I am a hopeless romantic, and everyday I try to be the strong, powerful, compassionate woman I know I am.

Hawkeye. Aja. Fraction.

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We all need to remember this, I think.

Feelings flow chart. Study up.

We are travelers on a cosmic journey.

  • ~Gabriellyn~

    This is so beautiful, Sujeeta, and so truthful. We are each on a path through this human experience and while doing so, we cross the paths of many people. Some will come and go but some of those people, as they say, "leave footprints on our hearts." Namaste ♥

  • Sujeeta Malik

    Yes Gabriellyn it sure is. We know we are stardust n will turn into ashes someday. During our journey we meet people. They teach us even what at that point we disapprove. N some teach us Love n compassion. We make such a big deal out of 'illusion' n fear n feel insecure

  • Sujeeta Malik

    I feel for me to realise Im only a speck of dust is comforting. I beling to a vast universe. Oooopppsss im bantering. :) ❤️☀️Namaste

  • ~Gabriellyn~

    You're not bantering, Sujeeta. You are simply stating what is true. ♥

  • Vintage LOve

    how on earth has pinterest judged this as spam? its just an upload

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