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More like this: fitbit, smartwatch and google glass.

And a device just for good posture!

Kreyos, same screen as the Pebble but with a few more sensors.

It's too bad one of the least useful (in terms of interacting with the app ecosystem) of the wearables is also by far the coolest.

Galaxy Gear over 800,000 back in November. Wonder what the holidays did for sales...

No better looking than Google Glass, but almost a better concept

Fitbit Force Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband - Small Slate

Angel, open platform

I've fallen and I can't get up, posture tracking plus all the other stuff that normal trackers do. Way more of these kinds of things than are needed at this point, but this one has some really interesting features!

Offline travel directions from your belt

Not as feature heavy as something like Google Glass, but also way less dorky!

Thanks to fitbit!

The Amiigo, programmable and can learn!

Tracks calories consumed?

Configure Silent Alarms on FitBit

Fitbit One vs Fitbit Flex

Increase Fitbit Sleep Sensitivity

Setup a FitBit Aria

Wear in your wallet, one card to rule them all!

sewing with conductive thread

Make your own wearables!

Runtastic for Android