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This stuff is amazing!!! I sell it at work, but I was a believer long before then. I had gel nails for about 3 years, and by the time I decided to get rid of them, my natural nails were in ROUGH SHAPE, to say the least. My mom bought me a bottle of Nail Envy by OPI, and I followed the instructions (two coats, then every second day, add one more coat. At the end of the week, remove it all and start again with two coats). Before the bottle was up, my brittle, dry, and peeling nails were st...

Painting Rainbows: Nail Envy - Progress and Review

Band-aids for french manicure - they're already curved. Smart!

band-aids for french manicure - they're already curved. This is genius.

Love this! Jade Polish Delirio Rosa

Dab some powder pigment (like eye shadow) above the cuticle before the polish dries and blow the color onto the nail. Apply a top coat and admire! Fabulous idea