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Box Top Ideas

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2014 Fall Contest Collection Sheet - kris

  • Donna Lindsey

    Hello I just became the coordinator for our school and I would like to know how you are creating these so I can do them to get our students and staff more involved. Can you please email me at I would like to make one for the ice cream social as well as the cupcake party.

Bruceton School Dr. Seuss/Box Tops bulletin board.

General Mills Box Top contest. I only used the cricut for the words and gumballs. Each gumball was worth 25 box tops. Each grade had their own gumball machine to fill up. At the end of the week, the class with the most gumballs won an ice cream party.

Great game for Back to School night. Good reminder of what we collect! Each section of the wheel had a number that corresponded with a box that contained prizes that will be in our box tops store, along with "I'm a sucker for box tops"(blow pops), and "Box Tops makes me a smartie" (smartie). Everyone got to spin the wheel and get a prize.

Love this cute inexpensive collection idea!! Box tops for education

100 Box Top challenge for 100th day of school! Love Simply Kinder and Love Box Tops for education! Win-Win

Simply Kinder: 100 Day Fun & Freebies Galore!

Snowman name bulletin board

Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

Big Smiles from Kbear - April Box Tops Bulletin Board #Doodle Dragon Studios , #Dustin Pike, #Box Tops for Education

Winter Olympics Collection Sheet 2014 - kris

  • Jaime Sandula-Jorstad

    could i get this sent to me in a format that i could tweek it for my own use? word or publisher

  • Sydney Condie

    I'd also love it in a word format so I can tweak- or can you post an editable version?

  • Mary Brooks Bergerman

    Love it, but what is the secret to get it to print??

  • Stacy Hedrick

    Would love a copy too but would need to make changes to make it work for our school. Any chance u could post editable version?

Box Tops for Education


Collection Sheets - Box Tops For Education

Mr. Henton's 8th Grade box tops trick or treater! All items were found in his classroom! Now there is a good use of recycled materials! I personally love the trick or treat basket filled with the orange box tops!

Here's a picture of Janine McQueen's newest contest. "CHUTES AND BOXTOPS". For every 10 Box Tops the class moves 1 space. They have to be careful not to land on a slide, otherwise they'll lose some spaces. The first class to 100 will win a prize and bragging rights!

We at St. Charles are known for being Box Tops Detectives so I figured out a way to make a photo-op for the students to celebrate their success!

Our newest collection sheet...Sept. 2013 - kris

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Thank our Sponsors! This cabinet is a visual reminder to our students to thank and patronize all the people, companies and business' that have helped to stock, decorate and help our new classroom. This is one board that will be added to frequently. Many made his possible and I thank you!

Our store "rules" And I reserve the right to add to this list at any time! Keeping the amount of shoppers in the store area at a time helps with the confusion and excitement when I am counting box tops and they are looking! Not playng with the toys seems to be the hardest rule to follow- kids will be kids!

My original bulletin board for the Box Tops class room contest. Moving 30+ horses every week got old quick since the sticky tack had to be "worked" to get sticky again every time. Thus, I'm moving to a magnetic design.

  • Keri Nefferdorf

    How are you making it magnetic?

  • Roni Holland Haskell

    Can you show pictures of the "race rules"? I am interested to see how they get to the finish line and what the rewards are.

  • Angela Bills Miller

    I would love more details about this, I am the coordinator for our elementary school and would love to use this next year!!

  • Erin Nauman

    Please send me more information about this. I would love to use this in our school this year

  • Janet Phillips

    can i get more information about this too...pretty please?!!

"Thank You" goodie bags for teachers at Dr. Pablo Perez Elementary, McAllen, TX prepared by Rosie

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  • Candie Clemins

    The teachers loved this. Sad to say Coke Rewards program really needs improvement.

A great use of smaller recycle bags from the dollar store. Iron on logo's make all the difference~ and great for prize bags too!

Are you a "SUCKER" for box tops? We are!

Made these for NBTU. Shrinky dinks, photos and a way to use some expired Box Tops! -kris

KUDO's to Amy at ACS Cake Shop in Liberty Mo. If you have not checked her out you should! I asked for some cookies to share with my fellow coordinators while at Nationals~ This is what she created. Talk about talent!! She even made some in Gluten Free for me! YAY!