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Friends bloopers. I'm pinning this so I can watch it whenever I want!

I was just talking about how irritating this switch was!

  • Janice Phillips

    I thought I read somewhere that the guy who played Crabbe is actually in prison for something really serious (sad!!). You'd think they'd get someone who looked more like him though...

  • Alanna Mooney

    He was convicted for drug offences - they can't have a criminal working on a film aimed at children. But better casting choices could have been made for his replacement!

  • Jenni Treacle

    that guy wasn't cast as Crabbe, he's an existing character, Blaise Zabini, who took Crabbe's part in Malfoy's 'crew'

  • Mandy Dupuis

    The original Crabbe got busted with drugs and was fired...they never called the new guy Crabbe in the movie so I guess they thought it