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Just remove the wrap and fill with whatever needs stored. From sugar to goldfish this works great. Spout is perfect for pouring and the lids easily screw off.

Hand Me Down Style: Getting the last bit of your Bare Minerals! - love this stuff. I have used it for years.

Hand Me Down Style: Bare Minerals trick

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Spring Fever {Positive Statement iPhone Wallpapers}

Veni Vidi Vici tattoo. Means I came, I saw, I conquered. Gonna get this after I do something amazing and life changing but somewhere else.

Ladies Shaving Ledge, duh, its about time! this is a awesome idea

This stuff doubles the thickness of my hair. For someone with thin hair, its a miracle :) I need this

Extension cord tucked away in the wall. Brilliant!

40 cool little hidden things that are on your iPhone. You may know some, but you don't know all of them . BEST PIN EVER!!!

metaphorically representative of the ability to stop, but the choice to continue

Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones. Children use while they read to themselves. Go to the website for instructions.

These are brilliant!

Beach balls painted to look like eyes put in a tree for Halloween-awesome!!