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Farmers wife quilt 6/2014

Purple mountains majesty the challenge was not to buy any fabric for this one , it was all scraps 2013

Quilt I just finished 2013, it's gonna be a gift for a family member, hope they like it

Fish quilt I made for Paul Dent 2011

Quilt I made for little Cherry Rose in 2011

My house quilt is finally finished , summer 2013

1 baby quilt down 2 more to go

Block of the week quilt 2013

Scrappy quilt 2013

Picnic quilt/table cloth made for Kathleen 2012

for Laurie and Chris' wedding January 2013

Quilt I made for Symphany 2011

2009 quilt

Quilt I made for Winnie 2009

Amanda and Eric's wedding quilt with the borders on it 11/11/11

My grandmother Marie Hayes pieced this quilt and I hand quilted it 2011 and then my daughter snagged it

Another fruit veggies and fish quilt 2010

Quilt I made for Lillian 2011

Quilt I made for Brooke 2011

The Hoagie Carmichael pattern I made for Susan 2011. It's a huge size , bigger then queen a little smaller then a king

Another one of my early quilts.2009

My first all scrappy quilt made in 2011

First quilt I ever made . Stack and whack 2009

John finally gets a quilt 2012

My grandmother made the top by hand and I finished it by quilting it by hand. 2012