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Crafts - Textiles

Weaving, spinning, dyeing, quilting, felting and more. Sometimes a bit of crochet or knitting since they can create textiles too ^_^

DIY Weaving on an embroidery hoop

craftophilia: PROJECT REPORT 2 - Circular Weaving

Cynthia Rowley 1.5" Floral Band Trim

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FUCHSIA Metallic Stretch Band Ruffle 1" by the Yard : Fashion Craft Trim:Wrights at

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Ajrak Making - particular block printing technique unique to the desert Provinces.

My Warped Journey: The Schacht Zoom Loom

My Warped Journey: The Schacht Zoom Loom - SweetGeorgia Yarns

soutache work

Cloak | American or European | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Handwoven shawl - hand dyed extra long shawl, in dark teal, coffee brown, woodbine green and phlox purple FREE shipping

handwoven indigo dye cotton shawl


Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world!

BORO Kimono no Ura / Shita. Japanese Indigo / Aizome. 1800s (I love this texture. I want to make something like this)

Indigo stitched, paste resist known in the Cameroon as Ndop

Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles

shibori juban A juban is a garment worn under a kimono; in the past they were often piece-constructed from “flashy” or contrasting textiles, many of which were “recycled.” The bodice of this juban is of hand spun, hand woven cotton that has been shibori dyed in botanical indigo

2011 May | Sri Threads