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Celeb Digs - Don Imus Lists Connecticut Home For $19.9M

F. Scott Fitzgerald

This gigantic mansion is owned by actress Julia Roberts and it is situated in Malibu, California. The "pretty woman" actress bought this house after earning millions of dollars from different Hollywood movies which she has starred in. The mansion includes a private beach, a gigantic pool and of course a nice sea view.

Bodybuilding, come actor, come governor of California is currently living in a temporary home in Brentwood that cost over $11 million. This estate boast 13,000 square feet in size and includes a screening room, a gourmet kitchen and a gym. Arnold Schwarzenegger also has to spend a lot of time in the state capital. Washington for work. Arnie doesnt own a home in DC but reportedly pays $65,000 per year for a hotel suite homes-of-celebrities

The Swan House, built in 1928, is a grand Italianate mansion that is an Atlanta landmark, once the home of Edward and Emily Inman, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune. The Swan House is an excellent example of the Second Renaissance Revival style and represents the architectural and decorative tastes of affluent citizens in the late 1920s. The house was designed by a well-known Atlanta architect by the name of Philip Trammell Schutze in 1928 and decorated by Ruby Ross Woods of New York.

Plaza style: Tommy and Dee Hilfiger have lived in the two-floor condo on the highest floors of the iconic hotel for four years. The luxe living space features famous portraits, including Elizabeth Taylor by Andy Warhol

Maison de l’Amitie, a super luxurious property owned by Donald Trump until 2008

Rediculously opulent salon in a 1903 New York penthouse. Owned by none other than Joan Rivers!

I think everyone knows that John Travolta has a runway outside his house and two blimmin great big private Jets. Now that is proper old school eccentricity right there. The world needs more people like that, it gives us normal people something to talk, argue and moan about.