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Pony bead patterns

pony bead patterns - quite a few to choose from :)

Budget Beadies Collection

Tricky, the Bear Materials: 2 ½ yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing 1 key ring or lanyard hook 50 green pony beads 33 orange pony beads 11 black pony beads Special Instructions: Begin with the first bead of the head and then the next row of 3 orange beads. Make the ears and continue with the pattern.

You need: --85 Green Pony Beads --58 Black Pony Beads --2 Silver Pony Beads --5 Purple Pony Beads --4 Orange Pony Beads --3 Yards Satin Cord --1 Lanyard Hook Basic Instructions: Fold your ribbon in half to find the center. Use a half hitch (see detail below) to secure it to lanyard hook. Lace beads using the pattern above right as a guide.

Leprechaun Pony Bead i did alot of these when i was a kid!

Leprechaun Pony Bead Pattern

Leprechaun hat keychain - made with pony beads and plastic lacing.

Rapunzel beaded key chain pattern!

Rapunzel from Tangled