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I divided by zero funny geek t shirt science physics math geekery tshirt men kids youth space science theory relativity quantum string guys. $14.99, via Etsy.

Used as a whole-class game, this colorful Slope Jeopardy is completely interactive with sounds, animations and hyperlinks to and from from the main board. AND THE CATEGORIES ARE! Tables, Graphs, Ordered Pairs, Equations, and Triangles.

Slope Jeopardy!: Identifying Slope in Different Forms

For the math nerd in us all! Happy Pi Day

I will now tell this to all the stupid people I encounter :) which is a lot

I over eight...ate? Whatever. After my resident engineer explained it to me, I laughed quite a bit. Super funny Thanksgiving or Christmas math shirt!

Math humor.. someone use this on Mr. Nelson please!!! Lol

Pi Day is March 14 - this unit can help you create a fun-filled, educational day! Memorable project based learning!