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Kelly Tagliaferri

Kelly Tagliaferri

Mommy to an angel, a teenager, a third grader, a first grader and a preschooler! That is my life! Those are my interests! Former Early Childhood Teacher

I've printed about 15 of these coloring sheets because my kids love decorating the tree in different ways (with crayons, colored pencils, even paint!)

Two posters for quick reference to Groundhog Day and what happens... I seem to get them mixed up so I'm sure the kids do too:) FREEBIE

  • Jenna Belle

    I have news for the groundhog! If he sees his shadow this year it may be his last!

Writing Workshop... A Little of This and a Little of That... and a couple FREEBIES!

Teach With Laughter: I'm DONE, a new math station and a freebie