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Harper's room

adorable little office...

Loft beds with walk-in closet space underneath for a shared, two-girl bedroom. LOL, for when Aerin and Lili are teenagers, and need more closet space...this might be an idea. Guess I'd better work on my building skills.

Bedside table made from old suitcases

What may appear at first glance to be an unconventional armoire is actually a set of bookcases attached along one side. Opened, it's a compact, self-contained, innovative crafts or office nook. Closed, it's far more decorative than any tidied-up desk, without the slightest hint of its contents.

Possible Color Schemes

  • Jennifer Manche

    I think this one is fun. Lots of variety. What about really color accessories but white or cream bedding?

  • Katie Crook

    I like this one too. I just don't know which color to make the furniture. Did you see the wallpaper pins? Isn't that cool?!

  • Jennifer Manche

    I think the blue or the color right above it would be really cute. Especially if you had lighter colored walls to pop them from. More neutral walls are nice because you can so easily change the look of the room. I do really think that furniture would be cute in the corally color.

  • Katie Crook

    The coral color in the middle? That would be cute! I do want light colored walls.

  • Jennifer Manche

    This is cute! I could for sure see it on a feature wall. The entire room would be a little crazy making.

  • Katie Crook

    Definitely a feature wall. I think it would make you dizzy if it was all over. Or maybe the closet door and her door? That would be cute.

Mix Matched Wallpaper...gotta try this in my little girls room!!

beautiful for shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic cabinet for the bedroom

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Pink bed Canopy - incredibly girly shabby chic/shaker bedroom in a period home