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Cheetah 10 by ~catman-suha - Garden Picture

Riding in the ocean! :)

Welsh Cob Hengst: Arvalon Assassin....beautiful color!

I was just sent this pin! I can't resist that sweet, sweet face and I have no lamb boards. So here she will live, with my goats. They won't mind and I don't think she will either! Please , how could I resist that face????

Great Grey Owl, Oulu, Finland by Mateusz Kowalski, mnh, “Great grey owls can be regularly seen hunting mice in the open fields of northern Finland. Because they live their lives in the wild taiga without any human disturbance, they don’t mind human presence when they are hunting. This allows photographers to get really close to the owls and obtain good images. I (Mateusz Kowalski) was lucky to get this shot just as he hit the snow to catch a mouse.” #Great_Grey_Owl

Teacup chiwawa, for Christmas. 2012

Fancy Chiwawa by ~mcormickk on deviantART

Teacup chiwawas