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Classrooms and Kidlets

The Daily Page organizer in Notepad Form! Only thirteen dollars. Organize your entire day- Tasks, events, shopping, water consumption and meal planning all in one place...

I like the idea of using folders and journals for writing workshop and keeping them in a special spot. -jb

Teacher Emergency Kit! Great tips for what to keep hidden in your desk just in case...

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad: Teacher Emergency Kit

Life goes fast! Make it a simple and organized year with The 2014/2015 Simplified Life CALENDAR + PLANNER Kit via Clean Mama Printables

AWESOME Writing Folder!!! Student Word Wall Writing Set (editable)

Student Word Wall Writing Set (editable)

A ton of high school "non-worksheet" activities to break up the monotony in this post. Love this blog.

square root of negative one teach math: Creative Inspiration