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Pokemon Birthday Ideas

Pokemon invitation.


Pokemon party - I love that she made the invitations look like Pokemon cards!

Mama's a Mess!: Operation Pokemon Party: Success!
  • Deb Grassia-Sasselli

    I know you did this last year but how did you add the photo to this card.

  • Katie Moody

    Hmmm. There was a place to upload a picture. I will see if I can find it. This wasn't my child in this one but I was able. It was a little tricky.

Pokemon Invitation - Choose your Power!

  • Libby Corbo

    Love this!!

  • Libby Corbo

    Thanks for all the great pokemon party ideas!!

  • Katie Moody

    Here are the foods I used ... I printed a picture of the character out and put a little sign by each food items Big sign that says Pokemon Food Candy Sushi -- Magikarp Shushi Treats Pizza -- Poke'ball Pizza Candy starts - Jirachi Chocolate Treats Juice - Pokemon Juice Twizzlers - Pokemon Flamethrower Treats Gummy Wormns - Caterpie Pokemon Treats Green grapes - Solosis Pokemon Treats Ice cream - Vanillite Pokemon Treats Cupcakes / Cake - Pokemon Kibble cheetos - Wurmple Pokemon Treats white chocolate dipped strawberries -- Zangoose Pookemon Treats pretzel sticks - Sudowoodo Pokemon Treats

Pokemon Labels - 2" Round. 20/sheet with 20 different Fire Type Pokemons. Great for napkin rings, coffee cups, hat decorations.....

2" Round Labels: Pokemon Party, each sheet comes with 20 different Fire Pokemon characters - 2" Round

Pokemon Party - printable party package. Includes, Pokemon Cupcake Toppers, Pokemon Banner, Pokemon Water Bottle Labels, Pokemon Fire Type Labels (for coffee cups), Pokeman Badges to earn

Pokemon Water Bottle Labels

Pokemon Thank You Tags, Pokemon, Personalized Thank You Tags, 2.5" Round