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Because sometimes you go places where you can't keep a car key/ room key, or a wallet. This is a very clever invention.

PocketBands - Wristbands With a Hidden Pocket - OhGizmo!

Genius. Homemade hammock hangs above the front seats. . :: View topic - Cheap Child's Cot Alternative

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag! I mean, a sleeping bag that fits on a hammock... So you can swing and stay warm!

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Mummy Bag Liner adds approximately 25 deg of warmth to a sleeping bag.

Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Mummy Bag Liner

It writes what you sing! Where have you been all my life??

Springfree trampoline... No springs, metal poles and they can't fall off!

Sleeping bag onesies? Oh yes...can I get one?

Awesome for camping!

Sound Splash Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker

a printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable!-This is so cool!

It’s a hamper/washer/dryer. After you fill it up, an automatic wash and dry cycle initiates. It’s even Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor it remotely. Once it’s finished, it’ll alert you via email or text message to your phone.

Awesome multitasking laser clock that keeps and displays your schedule as well as a multitude of other useful services with a simple touch of a button. Already put my name down for one.

A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading. (O•O)

Portable Hammock. Now this is what I want instead of a chair at the beach

Inflatable outdoor sofa, only $27! Perfect for laying out . want!

I want one! Glass Microwave Corn Popper. You can add butter to the lid so it melts over the popcorn. No oil, no salt.

A water bottle for the gym that holds your personal things- house key, money, drivers license. And it's only $13 from amazon