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*Cute Kitchens

I love so much about this kitchen: the exposed brick, convenient pot racks, wall ovens, warm wood counters, lots of light from the windows, quirky colander light fixtures, and bright pops of color.

Lovely color scheme, lots of work an storage space, and a general cheery feeling.

Things I love about this kitchen: beautiful gray stone walls, a skylight for extra light, two islands, and a cool color palette.

I love, love, love all the storage in this kitchen. I also really enjoy the bright backsplash.

I like how cozy this kitchen feels. I also like all the wall space where you could put shelves or artwork.

This kitchen has some great personality. I like the combination of oven shelves and cabinets, and the marble counters are to die for.

A sweet little kitchen that seems cozy and cheerful.

My kind of kitchen: a sink with a view, a prep sink with lots of work space, lots of counter space, plenty of storage cabinets, gorgeous ceilings, a place to sit while doing menial tasks, and lots of natural light.

All kitchens need a conveniently built-in bookshelf for cookbooks.

I love the high windows that let in light, the warmth of the wood cabinets, and the extra space afforded by the island.

The grey, the blue, the light, the space. I love this kitchen.

I love this bright and cheerful kitchen, but I'm wondering why there's a washing machine in it.

A bright, lovey breakfast area and an efficient looking kitchen.

Lots of natural light, beautiful counters, and an amazing amount of work space.

Gorgeous!! First of all, the skylight is amazing!! After that, I love all the space and storage room.

This kitchen has some great ideas. I love the balance of open and closed shelving, and the light, airy feeling of the whole room.

I love the warm green and orange color scheme. I also love the abundance of storage and counter space. Another great plus is the area on the end of the island which keeps cookbooks handy.

Can I please have this kitchen? Look at all that space?!? I love the island, all the storage space, the retro stools, the ginormous fridge, and the gorgeous wooden floor.

Lots of great storage. Very open and clean. Love the marble and the fridge.

Oh my goodness!! This is the tiniest, cutest kitchen I think I've ever seen! I love the breakfast nook with a pop of color and the overall clean feeling. There's some nice storage and natural light.

  • cjcloser

    I love it, too, but that TV is in an awkward place, don't you think?

I love the openness here. The natural light is great. The island looks so useful. And I love all the shelving.

Warm and comforting. I love the brown, but I'd probably swap the blue for green.

A nicely organized, cute, little kitchen. I love how the blue backsplash lightens everything up, and the nook is a great place for cookbooks and to stash the island when not using it.

Clean and light. Lots of counter and storage space. Love the stove.