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Hem your jeans and keep original hem. I m short, why haven't I thought of this!!!

hem jeans and still keep original hem!! This works great!!! Plus, lots of other great redo sewing ideas with lots of pics.

Toilet Tank Cover Makeover - what a creative use of space! www.organizedclut...

some more life hacks for ya

Good ideas. This family of 4 lives on about $14,000 a year. They are not in debt, and own their home and both of their cars. WOW! I need to start following these tips!

My life has changed from not planning to living life in an organized fashion with planners and calendars. I love my planner and my whiteboards for reminders.

I'm kind of pissed I didn't think of this before actually.

these are some useful tricks #lifehacks

I can't believe I paid for a drawer organizer for my earings.. I'm on my way to the dollar store for ice cube trays.. Works great!

A neat way to save for Christmas or vacation or something fun.

If you petrify a brush just soak it in Murphys for 24 to 48 hours and it dissolves all the paint and makes it like new

To get rid of the light that comes through the sides of your curtains, slip one of the curtain ring clips onto the rod bracket. No more side light!

cut pvc pipes used as shoe storage I'm currently building one that will line the back walls of my closet to be used for shoes, bags, hats, & scarves.