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MArie-Mai is the coolest Rock artist we have here. And boy she's so fucking GOIRGEOUS!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠


Mwahaha Damn yes!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

A Sharp Kristen Stewart in Rock & Republic Spike Dress FUCKING BADASS!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Punk-Rock Award Fashion

Kieve = DROOL!!! :) \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

The Pop Queen is ÜBER SEXY AS FUCK!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Marie Antoinette BEAUTY!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Friday night attire with Fit Buzz friend Stephy HOTTIE!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Oh fuck they're so hot this year. Wow, DROOL!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Katherine is too cute and sexy as mad. :) \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Mwahaha \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

MWAHAHAHA Man. :D \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

BEST VIDEO EVER!!! \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠

Randyy Suicide's got a BADASS Edward Scissorhands tattoo. Wow. \µ/—>X) ☠☠☠