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Mortal Instruments

Nice, about explains it.

Zabava za Cure! Fan Art: Stuff...

Mortal Instruments Funny Quotes Doblelol -

Mortal Instruments Funny Quotes Doblelol -

the only thing that takes away from the funnieniss of this is that they spelled "mockingjay", mocking jay

Mortal Instruments. Alec/Jace in the weapons room....too funny!!

hey alex! this is lauren! you forgot to sign out of your pinterest on my laptop but im getting off now! I just thought it was funny that when I clicked on pinterest, it was on your account ;) toodles :)

Didn't Simon see the cops start shrinking cuz I think that would give away the fact that they weren't cops

Jace vs. Harry Jace is so sassy ♥ I love harry potter, don't get me wrong, but this s funny xD

Twitter / trisprriorr: Jace vs. Harry

the mortal instruments funny - Google Search

I don't want any of them to die, including Sebastian. He is kind of like the Joker or Loki, the villain everyone wants to hate, but can't. I hope Cassandra Clare goes further into his past so we can see his true self.<<<<<<< Yesssss

"The hell you are!" (It's funny how much I wouldn't have cared about the Herondale family name being passed down until I read TID... Now I care. I care a LOT. Don't deny your roots, Jace!)

Twitter / shadowhxnting: Oh my god Will

the mortal instruments funny | mortal+instruments+funny | fuckyeahjacewayland:parabatai:Not funny ...

Mortal instruments

Pandemonium - The Mortal Instruments

Pandemonium - The Mortal Instruments by LovelyOwls

Luxembourg is Idris!!

Magnus Bane everyone.

by PurpleRoseCrafts on Etsy, $5.00 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - the Love rune.

1. Violins for Jem and Tessa as well. 2. Veritable mountains of SCONES, not cookies. Not that I don't love cookies. And those might be scones, but they look like cookies to me. 3. MALEC SCARVES *feels*