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16 things to know before you have urban backyard chickens. From a regular, everyday suburban family.

The Cochin - Birds of Egg-cellence! 7 Chicken Breeds You Can Raise in Your Backyard.

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Very smart! Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. Plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander from Dollar Tree would do nicely.

Spanish Lavender grows great in Arizona. The antiseptic, piney fragrance of Spanish Lavender makes it an exceptionally fragrant landscape plant but not the first choice for use in cooking. English Lavenders, both Lavandula angustifolias and Lavandula latifolia, are preferred in the kitchen. French Lavender, Lavandula dentata is not culinary lavender but used as sachet fragrance.

Red Bird of Paradise aka Arizona Plant

Hummingbird Plants for Arizona

Hummingbird Plants - Phoenix Home & Garden

Blue flax is a wonderful low water use plant that works really well with the brown and neutral tones that are commonly used in the Southwest yards and landscapes like in Arizona and Santa Fe. It is a heavy self seeder that produces incredible mass plantings of electric blue color in the garden.

Monarch and Butterflies... The Butterfly milkweed a nice Arizona plant . The preference is full sun, dry conditions, the taproot will rot, if there is too much moisture in the ground. Also, if the taproot of a young plant is too close to the soil surface, it may not overwinter successfully due to heaving. Otherwise, Butterfly Milkweed is easy to grow, although somewhat slow to develop.

I planted California Poppy for my mom & dad and they are prolific bloomers in Arizona. We have dozens growing and seed pods have formed. So excited!

Kallstroemia grandiflora – Arizona Poppy Description: The flowers are up to 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) wide and have 5 petals with raised, orange veins and dark red-orange at the base of the petals. In favorable areas, the blooming plants can create large-scale wildflower displays.