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Connecting Family and Seoul: Toddler Inspired: Nature Walks & Photo Journaling

10 FUN ways to play with play dough plus NEW recipes for watermelon dough, sunshine dough, and MORE from Growing a Jeweled Rose!

Explore the changing seasons with a back yard nature hunt seeing what is changing and exploring with your senses

Raising Kids Around Guns: How to teach firearm safety and responsibility in age appropriate ways

How to learn 100 basic words in sign language. This is actually an amazing site, very simple to learn. @Alysha Bankester

mamascout: neighborhood texture hunt (good for older kids too!)

“Toddlers Knowing God” Lesson Series for teach 18-24 month children about the character of God. This site has other great stuff, too. @Catherine Allison

A great book to introduce the Olympics to your young children. The 2012 Olympics are just around the corner!

Bury "artifacts" in play dough for your kids, and send them on an archaeological expedition. Tell stories about imaginary societies based on the artifacts they find.

These are definitely pricey, but I'd love to have them for the boys. They're just so darn cool!