I know a thing or two about fibromyalgia, and I want to share some of the great sites and information I've found.

My knees and elbows ache all the time | Conditions content from Delicious Living

10 Celebrities with ME/CFS - Michael Crawford

10 Celebrities with ME/CFS

A Muscle Brain Connection in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Revealed - Health Rising

The Mother Of All Antioxidants

The Mother Of All Antioxidants

Brain Fog : Unable to comprehend sentence, reading it again and again. Unable to comprehend sentence, reading it again.... :) #Ménière's_Disease #Fibromyalgia #Multiple_Sclerosis

Craft that describes fibromyalgia: A255 Silicone Mold Halloween Skeleton Cabochon 3 Cavities Flexible Mould for Polymer Clay Resin Candy Fimo Super Sculpey Crafts Jewelry. $2.99, via Etsy.

A list of 10 foods that most people think of as being healthy but they are not fibro-friendly.

10 "Healthy" Foods That Are NOT Fibro-Friendly

Maxine doppler ~ Oh how I can identify with this one!

This is so frustrating!!!

40 Tips to Reinvigorate Your Life

A downloadable letter you can share with others when they ask you about fibromyalgia. This is the best thing I've seen for explaining fibro.

A Letter for People Who Ask You About Fibromyalgia

Chronic Illnesses can cause sufferers to become depressed. Atypical depression is a subtype of Clinical Depression - Low cortisol and low excitatory (norepinephrine and dopamine) neurotransmitters.

Natural Cures for Depression | Depression Test

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