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class setup: super star student wall

A Spoonful of Learning: Ready to Go!

Owl+Classroom+Ideas | Owl bulletin board for Open House night! Use scrapbook paper to make ...

Owl themed classroom ideas

Class management First days of school activity

freebie friday and good character bingo

Talking to Parents: What Every Teacher Needs to Know in order to connect effectively with parents this year. | me, for @Scholastic

Talking to Parents: What Every Teacher Needs to Know

Oooohhh.... Like this a lot!!! Do this if you finish math early...put inside math notebook

Math Workshop Adventures: Measurement

Great idea for promoting classroom kindness by teaching kids the difference between unnecessary tattling & important reporting.

Nicole and Eliceo

Having this poster hanging up in your room will be a great way to remind students about the different terms used for adding and subtracting. (Precious Holmes)

Instant Math Choose an Operation Add or Subtract