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Spiders Hate Peppermint!! Fill a small or medium-sized spray bottle to near the top with tap water. Add five to ten drops of peppermint essential oil. Do not use peppermint extract or fake peppermint scents. Reattach and seal the spray nozzle. Shake the mixture and open the lid -- if the water smells strongly of peppermint, you're good to go; otherwise, add a few more drops of oil. Spray the mixture in dark corners, inside windows or any other areas where spiders have been seen.

Musings of the Meandering Murphys: Spider-B-Gone Peppermint Spray

Start to finish kids plate. Work your way through dinner to uncover the treat at the end. Genius!

Start to Finish Kids Plate

exhausted - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

exhausted | Postris

Should mind your own business-----

Teacher Gifts...I've done something similar before, but like the touch of the tape measure around the top of the pot.

My Talking Walls

mockingjay+dress | This year I'm just winging it." Wedding/Mockingjay Dress | THG

Cheeseburger. HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!

A Victorian-era lachrymosa, also called lachrymatory, tear catchers, or tear vials. Sometimes worn on a necklace, sometimes merely held, they were used the gather the tears wept by mourners at funerals. One type of lachrymosa had a special top which allowed the tears to evaporate (signifying the time to stop mourning), others had a sealed top to allow the tears to last for a year, at which point they would be poured on the grave of the person whom the tears were wept for.

Im so glad you called, I almost started cleaning the house - vintage retro funny quote

Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath.

Tie the Knot. Cutest engagement picture idea!