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“...from the reading of a book."

"How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book." -Henry David Thoreau

Dorothy Dunnett - The History of the Red Herrings

What does Richard talk about? Milanese armour! Knight's Armor Italy (likely Milan) ca. 1565 Steel and copper alloy with gilding, leather, and textile

one day, i shall have a glorious desk of mahogany, stacked high with yellowed pages to write spellbinding words in liquid ebony...

"'Attrape indeed,' agreed Lymond. 'With a double e and no proper shame that I can discover.'"

"The Dame de Doubtance, they called and women came to her from all the known world and had their futures foretold—if she felt like it.Plainly, a crazy old harridan. But if she was going to tell Lymond he ought to find a nice girl and marry her, Jerott wanted very much to be there.”

"...and a lute joined in, and was discarded for the guitar, cleanly executed."

"She watched...Lymond receive and unwrap [the package]. It was small, and itside it were only two objects. One of them was a key."

"On the day that his grannie was killed by the English, Sir William Scott was at Melrose Abbey, marrying his aunt."

"He spoke, his voice clear and low, before the shrine he had chosen, to affirm…that the altar prevailed, eternal, untarnished, over the memory of the enemy who carried its name. 'My son…. So small a spirit to lodge such sorrows as mankind has brought you… Wait for me, new frightened soul. And though the world should reel to a puny death, and the wolves are appointed our godfathers, I will not fail you, ever.'"

"The venue I cannot help... except that under this roof...your corpse is more seemly than your body... I call your life forfeit."

The Castle on its pinnacle was fully lit, laying constellations on the water...


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