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Fitness/Motivation sayings & quotes

Pretty cute..Before you tie the knot, don't forget to squat! Perfect for brides-to-be who want to get in shape for their big day!

Gotta Squat | HUMAN

Rest in between lifting to get the best results! Upper body one day, cardio the next day, lower body the day after and cardio again, rest, no muscle repair!

50 Healthy Habits every girl should have.

Natural & Organic Skin Care Products | Nourished Life

Live Your Awesomeness

Live Your Awesomeness

How to Lose Weight: 11 Steps to Losing Weight

Follow These 11 Steps and You'll Reach Your Goal Weight

50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds.. imagine if you tried one of these every week?

If this was true I would run a lot more haha inspirational quotes Channing Tatum

Goes for ALL sports, and sometimes you really need to remember that: Never Quit.

Gabby Douglas Olympic Quotes

Great way to track weight loss goals!