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Sister Tattoo Ideas

Maybe me and my sister could get a small tattoo on our wrist but a different idea

Celtic Tattoo Sisterhood... Not that I'm saying they need tattoos but this design is cool!

  • Katniss Everdeen

    I know if seen that before lol where the times were way off!!!!

  • Katniss Everdeen

    Umm was reading some comments up there.....@Niki Kinney Hatfield-Hernandez.....this may not be a sister tattoo.....well wanna look into that

  • Nicole Hatfield

    Actually the celtic trinity knot ( also known as the triquetra) is the basis to any celtic not.... the three points, however its what is tied into the three points that changes the meaning of the knot.... the meaning of the triquetra itself varies with religion as it has been used by christians, pagans, and celtics just to name a few....

  • Nicole Hatfield

    Maybe Rose Sellen should try the research angle....

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Sister tattoos Turquoise means Elder sister Pink means Younger sister Put them together means SISTERS!!

Symbols That Represent Sisters | TATTOO TRIBES

Tattoo of Twin children, Love, family tattoo -

sister tattoos...going to get matching tattoos with my bridesmaids for my bachelor party