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make it perfect: .Young Women Personal Progress Prints.

Daily Thought | Clementine Daily

Daily Thought - Clementine Daily

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Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry: Meditation

I need to remember this.

Sunday Smiles | Life Rearranged

Where do you want to end up? Let's lead our lives to create a path that will get us there! "Which way should I go?" "Oh, well it really doesn't matter." "Then it doesn't matter which way you go." -Alice speaking to the Cheshire Cat :)

Making time...

35 Inspirational Quotes to Back You Up in Hard Situations

Happy Monday!

Monday Quote: Move Forward - Free People Blog

Their tears were their love poem 21... Absolutely in love with all of Christopher Poindexter's Poetry.

listen with ears of tolerance; see through eyes of compassion; speak with the language of love. - Rumi

I need to read this every night when my brain starts going 90mph as soon as my head hits the pillow

do it!

Poketo Blog – Lisa Congdon Book Signing at Poketo

Time quote via

Let go.

Twitter / Paula_Nicolau: Learn to let things you cannot ...

Never look back!

Funny how well this fits me at the moment

You Can’t Please Everyone | Abraham Hicks | The Tao of Dana


Just stop worrying…

Vincent Van Gogh Inspirational Quote

Vincent Van Gogh | South Paw Studios Handcrafted Designer Jewelry

This man knows a LOT about what helps - and what hurts - relationships. He's done tons of research on it, read his stuff it's amazing.

Relationship Experts -

satsuki shibuya

satsuki shibuya