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Absinthe Panna Cotta with Honeyed Grapefruit

“Blanche absinthes are great with East Coast oysters, complementing their more briny and salty notes, while verte absinthes work nicely with West Coast oysters, highlighting their sweet flavor and creamy texture.”

Oysters and Absinthe: A Love Story

The parfait glacé à l'absinthe, a local speciality. Click through for the Swiss TV show.

Fig ‘salad’, with fresh grapes, sultanas, and a generous amount of sauce based on cream, sugar, spices and absinthe.

A puff pastry “dome” floats atop a creamy, rich, absinthe-spiked sauce dotted with poached Gulf oysters and bacon, served hot.

Absinthe egg nog poured over rich chocolate and vanilla ice creams and luscious fresh strawberries. Yummy!

A duck leg, some transformed leftovers, and kumquat/absinthe marmalade, and you’ve got yourself an exemplary dinner.

Flourless chocolate cake with absinthe ganache & toasted pecans: a killer combination of a double hit of chocolate and a heady glug of absinthe.

Oysters Rockefeller are an excellent start to the dinner

Homard a l’Absinthe from the New York Times Cook Book, ©1961 by Craig Claiborne

Spice-dusted Salmon w/ Absinthe-Tarragon Beurre Blanc

girlichef: Spice-dusted Salmon w/ Absinthe-Tarragon Beurre Blanc

Scampi Rockefeller: a riff on two classics - Scampi with it's garlicky butter sauce and the absinthe and "green" of (Oysters) Rockefeller.

Roast beef with absinthe Hollandaise

Oyster & absinthe “dome”—briny gulf #oysters poached w/ bacon, artichokes, tarragon, Swiss absinthe & a splash of cream under a flaky #pastry shell (at Commander’s Palace)

The Crush Truffle Collection Absinthe: Chinese star anise + fennel + Swiss absinthe + 65% cacao dark chocolate

GIRLS ON FOOD: The Crush Collection by Vosges: Fellas, Take Note

Bright, warm absinthe—with a soft, mild licorice flavor—in grass-grazed cream, with airy sweet, hand-piped meringues.

Ice Creams - Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Profiteroles infused with absinthe. Mmmm ...

Absinthe Macarons: click through for recipe.

Absinthe Pancakes. Made with absinthe egg nog, blueberries, honey, mango, pancakes.

Absinthe Pancakes. Made with absinthe egg nog, blueberries, honey, mango, pancakes.

Oyster and Absinthe Dome. This creamy, elegant dish (from New Orleans's Commander's Palace) can be made ahead of time and brought out as a first dinner course. The secret to its refined richness is a splash of the intensely aromatic absinthe.

The full menu at the UK's first absinthe dinner.