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Education Based Incarceration (EBI)

Focused on deterring/mitigating crime by investing in its offenders through education and rehabilitation.

EBI class in progress in one of PDC-North's multi-purpose rooms

Culinary Arts at CRDF

Culinary Arts at CRDF

Safe Food Handling Culinary Class where inmates learn how to cook while assigned at the various fire camps at PDC-East Inmate Fire Camp

Landscaping: This growing industry offers career potential on a number of levels, and the courses train students in lawn care, irrigation, plant care, and basic landscape design.

Computer Operations: Covers the basics of Microsoft Office 2010 suite operations, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.

Commercial Welding: Teaches the full spectrum of various types of commercial welding. - Information Detail

Automobile Body Repair and Detailing Courses: This is a comprehensive course that features repairs, maintenance, welding, power tools, metal techniques, spray painting, refinishing and detailing.

Building Maintenance: Prepares students for careers in the rapidly growing field of custodial maintenance, basic repairs, floor care, and insect and rodent control.

Commercial Painting Courses: Include instruction in brushes, rollers, spray equipment, abrasive blasting, and rigging/scaffolding.

Art Education Courses: This program develops general art skills, techniques, and aesthetic expression related to artistic and professional practice in the media

Cement and Concrete Block Masonry Vocational Program: Teaches a wide variety of modern masonry techniques, including barbecue patios, block wall buildings and fire pits.