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Susan LaCroix Jewelry

Almost all of the jewelry on this board has been sold, but I wanted you to see samples of my previous works. Enjoy!

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Special order ~ SOLD!

My jewelry on display in a Florida boutique

"Desert Flower" necklace & earrings set

"Back to Nature's Kitchen" necklace & earrings

"Glittering Berry" pierced earrings

"Blueberries" sparkling earrings

"A Trip To The Orient" necklace & earrings

"Pink Art Deco Style" 2 pc set

"Sparkling Blue & Green" 2pc set

"Basket of Flowers" Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

This pretty 24" necklace begins with the pendant, an oval copper plated filligree design with a large oval pale pink pearl & four light pink rhinestones. I created the necklace with copper chain and sections of beads in matching shades of pinks an...

"Shanghai Nights" necklace & earrings

" Big Hole Beaded Bracelet"

"Leather Flower" necklace & earrings

  • Cheryl Weideman

    You stuff is gorgeous. I am in love with this piece

  • Susan LaCroix

    Thanks Cheryl! feel free to drop by anytime on my Facebook page. That's where I've been listing most of my jewelry lately. It's under my name, Susan LaCroix. :)

Iridescent Blue Butterfly" earrings

"Behind the Brass Door" necklace & earrings

"Fuchsia Drop" necklace & earrings

"Into The Deep" necklace & earrings

"Purple & Black Butterfly" pierced earrings

"Orange & Black Butterfly" pierced earrings

"Green on Black Butterfly" pierced earrings

"Oriental Blues" necklace & earrings

  • Susan LaCroix

    LOL, that's my job Betty! I was put on this Earth to tempt you. ♥

  • Betty Ostridge

    And you do it well..only problem..I am 5 foot 1 and I think this would be too long for me..hope to see something shorter for the little one..LOL ♥

  • Susan LaCroix

    That's another thing we have in common! I'm 5 feet tall . . . on a good day. LOL We're both a couple of shorties. Sorry this one is too long for you Hon, but there aren't too many women our size out there!

  • Betty Ostridge

    Then we will just have to make a designated section called for "petite women" LOL

  • Susan LaCroix

    Yes, smaller everything for those of us who are "vertically challenged"!

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"Pretty Pink Butterfly" necklace & earrings set

"Emeralds & Pearls" necklace & earrings set