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Global Adornment

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Child apron, Ndebele, South Africa. ~one of the smallest tribes in South Africa; known for their geometric designs on their painted houses and beadwork. The Ndebele women are some of the best known beadworkers in Africa, having worked with beads for hundreds of years. Like all S.African tribes, beadwork of the Ndebele is an identifier of the age, sex and marital status of the wearer to anyone wo can read the "code". This fine fringed iGabe or "ghabi" apron is worn by young girls to puberty.

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New Hmong Chinese Designs ~

New Hmong Chinese Designs ~

Laos | Young Akha woman. Muang Long | ©Roland Enghofer #world #cultures

Akha village in Luang Namtha province, Laos

Akha man with trad head dress by kees5

Little tibetan girl - Songzanlin Monastery, Zhongdian. Zhongdian has been renamed Shangri-La, and is the beginning of Tibet.

Image 57941844 by Gil Azouri

Torajan girl. Toraja, Sulawesi. Indonesia.

Antique Venetian Glass Trade Beads - African Trade Beads. Mixed strand of colorful Venetian glass & mosaic glass trade beads from the early 1900s

UNE TERRE LOINTAINE , Dress and Frontal Ornament by Jevda

Jevda : UNE TERRE LOINTAINE / Dress And Frontal Ornament

Mexicans Style, Mexicans Huipil, Huipil Mexico, Rare Vintage, Mexicans Textiles, Mexicans Design, Mexicans Embroidery, Heirloom Quality, Floral

Tunisian wedding tunic ca. 20th c.

Dress Date: 19th century Culture: Romanian Medium: a,b) cotton, silk c) silk, wool Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dress | Romanian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1945–50 Culture: Mexican Medium: cotton, silk

Foot jewelry of Lambani Gypsy Tribals, forest dwellers, now settled in 30-home hamlets in rural Karnataka, India. Related to the Rabaris gyp...

Reconstruction of the decorated belt from 14th century Virunuka, Estonia. From Etnostils majas-lapa-paraug...

Halo, Lehenga, Choli Choli, Lace Work, Global Adornment, Indian Whice, Dandia Ramva, Choli Design, Design Indian

Afghani Dresses, Fashion, Ethnic Fashion, Clothing, Satori Inspiration, Fashion Style Pir, Multicolored Afghani, Boho Style, Blue Multicolored

Magnificent Beautiful Handwoven Kallawaya Indian Beaded Headband Beads TM3637 | eBay

Antique Ethnic Romanian Hand Embroidered Peasant Blouse Boho | eBay

Embroidered ensemble (skirt, bodice, apron, peplum, pocket, kerchief, fichu) with fringe trim, Spanish, late 19th C.

Ensemble | Spanish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mongolian Women

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Superb Old Sind Wedding Choli This is a spectacular heavily embroidered dress or choli from the Sind region, probably made and used by a bride in her wedding. The choli is fully embroidered on the entire front and back, making it a very heavy textile with som much stitching.

Short Skirt from Vintage Embroidered Cotton