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Lauren Odell

Lauren Odell

Grad student. Weightlifter. Unapologetic feminist. Wanna be DIY'er. Fashion fanatic. Fitness lover. Appreciator of all the world's beauty.

Riots not Diets feminism tote shopper bag girl power by missharry, $14.99. Kinda coo. For Kristen.

midsnacker: She-Hulk #1 (2014) I love seeing this sort of hero worship

ac-awards: The nominations are over, and the tallies are in.. here are your finalists for the 2014 AC Awards: Most Helpful:bidoofcrossing, starbel, sugarybrains, pasteliapeaches, acnluncensored, mewmewcrossing, merongcrossing, & jordanplays-newleaf! Most Kind:sandyclawscrossing, stalecupcakess, mayor-jude, sugarycarousel, starbel, floatingpresents, sugarybrains, animalcrossingwii, sugardewey (deactivated), flabbeycrossing, & mayor-sadie! Prettiest ...

Same model (Erika Linder) doing gender different. Notice the facial differences. Click for more images

  • stella j

    Isn't that interesting. Of course we notice the difference in male/female posing all the time, but I've never really thought about facial expressions until I saw this.

I don't believe in Horoscopes - but I thought this was amusing. Pretty true

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yep, yep, especially if I've had time to sit on that hurt. I have learned to keep a lot inside. Thankful for the shoulder I have to lean on.

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Capricorn/ This theory has been tested quite enough lately for me. I'm not even confrontational..... SHESH!!

Some people are more trusting, but Capricorns are very cautious. They don't want or NEED anyone who is going to play with their emotions or waste their time.

When A Capricorn Is In A Bad Mood Leave Them Alone Because At That Moment, They Don't Care. #Capricorn #Quotes

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