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They make an appliance for everything these days! And Dave has one! HA! #homemakerhaywood

First order of business in Ireland!!!! We're finally here!!!! - dave

Happy 30th birthday to Dave Haywood! #ladya #birthday

Happy 30th birthday to Dave Haywood! #ladya #birthday

Dave & Kelli tied the knot!

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes. Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

beautiful song I love it "Oklahoma Sky" her new album.


Almond Breeze - Almond Milk

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

All Saints - Leather Jacket

Gibson Guitars

  • Dusty Murphy

    If I could afford one dream guitar, I'd buy a red Gibson J-200 like yours. Was it a custom instrument? I've never seen a red one before, but it sure does look cool.