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Chris & I are excited to announce that our Christmas gift has arrived a little early this year! We are having a BABY! We feel so blessed!!!

  • Rebecca

    Yayy I'm happy for you both

  • Amanda Bolles

    Congratulations that is so wonderful!

  • Lauren P

    Congrats!! So exciting!

  • Angela Asaro

    Awwww YAY!!! Congrats sweetie! I know you'll be a GREAT mommy!

  • ℳissяноиda ❥

    OMG!! Congrats!! they said it remember.. they said who do u think will have a baby first and everyone said Hill... and they were Right!.. Im happy for you but sad also.. because that means a break from music and i just love you guys so much!! but i cant be greedy.. so Congrats!!

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Homemade apple pie in a skillet! #yum

Me and my favorite girl! #Baker #Goldendoodle

  • Aly Hunke

    Hi HIllary, I am desperate to have the accompaniment track or back up track to "Heart of the World" from your "Own The Night" Album. My fiance and I are huge fans of you all. We are getting married in May and I really want to walk down the isle to 'Heart of the World'. My fiance doesn't know this is the song I want and I want to surprise him with this song as we both have a strong connection to it. Every time I hear it and think about me walking down the isle to it makes me tear up because I know that it would be so perfect. I have looked all over online in hopes to find this version, but I have ended up empty handed. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a link to this version, or let me know how I can get ahold of it. I know you have a ton of fans, and for you to do this for me would be a miracle. Thank you so much for reading this, God Bless, Aly Loper

  • ♡Hannah Gonzalez♡

    You are so pretty Hillary!

Hillary was recognized for 4 Country Songs of the Year at the 2012 SESAC Music Awards in Nashville!

This is our new video for myLIFEspeaks Neply! So proud to be apart of this amazing organization! Repost if u wish! =) - Hillary

  • Karen Walling

    Awesome work...such a testament to what people can do when you work together. Thanks for sharing and for getting involved Hillary!

  • Martinka Popelková

    You are my big inspiration! You are so kind and Í´m speechless... Angel on the Earth :)

myLIFEspeaks first fundraiser. Best team EVER!

Y'all have been asking for a family photo...well here you go! The pups weren't really cooperating very well...

  • Stacie Peterson

    Sooo dang cute!!❤️. You all were excellent here in Reno!! Thank YOU!

Both the pups are with me today while I work! Bring your pets to work day!

My original Drunken Caramel Apple Cupcake recipe! - Hillary

My studio buddy yesterday! Baker is such a lazy girl!

Great day of glam with makeup by @Terri Apanasewicz. Love this new Victoria's Secret Come Closer green under eyeshadow!

Same Kind of Different as Me. Amazing true story. I recommend it! - Hillary

Good Books To Read or maybe Not - Books Read 2013
  • Kristin Walker

    No problem! I recommend these books to everyone!! Lol. Denver actually passed away not too long ago. :( but what a legacy to leave!

  • Julie Stottmann

    Oh wow! I had no idea that he died,

  • Kristin Walker

    It was march 31 of this year. They aired his funeral live online. It was beautiful. Of course, Ron was a huge part of it...with several other speakers. If I remember right, Ron and Denver's daughter put it all together! Here's a link if you're interested.. I was so intrigued with him after reading the book thy I kept up with his life as much as I could! :)

  • LadyAer12 :)

    I'm reading it now! So good so far!

  • Alyssa Rickels

    Just got done reading this and can I say this is one amazing story! I cried to no end because of how this story touched me!

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New profile pic from shoot today...glam by @TerriA_makeup!! Fun girls day!

Getting glammed up for The View and downloading Carrie Underwood's new album! Happy Album Release Day, friend! Hope it's a great week!

Hillary looked absolutely stunning at the ACM awards! @Lady Antebellum :)

  • Daphne Hamm


  • Pam Garrett

    Hillary, I love your music. My husband and I went to see your mother in Indiana when she backed up the Statler Brothers a long time ago before you were grown. I had no idea you were her daughter until a few months ago. I love you both. You're great!

  • Pam Garrett

    I love your music. My husband, daughter and I saw your mother, Linda Davis perform with the Statler Brothers in Indiana years ago before your were grown. We love you both. You're great!

  • Pam Garrett

    Oops! Didn't mean to post twice!

  • deniseandemilee miller

    i Love Hillary scott i wish she called me

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My personal blog post about my very first trip to Haiti! - Hills

  • Kaitlyn Malda

    I love this Hillary, thank you so much for posting. My sister is in Haiti right now to help with a school run by my cousin. It was devastated by the earthquake and they are slowly getting their feet back on solid ground. It's great to see the amazing work you are doing. Keep it up! ♥

  • Sarah Plantinga

    I love how open, honest, and forthcoming you were about your experience. I admire you for many reasons (awesome voice, killer fashion sense, self effacing personality) but your commitment to your faith and to bless others is absolutely incredible!

Worn by Hillary Scott in #ladyantebellum's We Owned the Night music video. Especially love these boots!

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum's Bday cake on April 1st 2010

Hillary Scott