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Viking Apron Dress. I used this pattern and I LOVE IT.

viking dress

Viking dress - pattern and instruction

Making Medieval Underwear-a practical guide

IL MODELLISMO - Ирина Владимирова - Picasa ウェブ アルバム

A great article on the Viking "Apron Dress"

Viking women: Clothing: Aprondress (smokkr)

Gusseted sca pants patterns

Let's talk about fitted sleeves.

Let's Talk About Sleeves | The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist

A million garb patterns by someone who understands how to make patterns.

Patterns + Tutorials by eqos on deviantART

Garments without Patterns - rectangles and triangles ingeniously used in different times and parts of the world - from the book Practical Dress Design Mabel Erwin

Friday Freebie of Awesomeness

Ook wel Hangerock (hanging skirt), apron-dress, and Trägerrock (pinafore) - however you call it, this is a 16 page pdf with multiple versions and ideas of how it was made

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes

based on the find from Bocksten in Sweden, without the liril pipe

How to Make Dorothea's 1515 Pleatwork Hemd Smock with Cord Tufts and Tassels: Pattern and Tutorial Part 1

Russian Novgorod reconstruction garb, with sources

Flat draft a period bodice!

Saree blouse instructions

Pattern for the Greenland gown.

Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns - Constructing the Garment - Dame Helen's Library. A series of pages going through the steps of making a cotehardie.

Marcele de Montsegur's "lite tutorial" on GFDs.