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SCA - Patterns

70+ BJD cossack boots pattern by scargeear on deviantART

70+ BJD cossack boots pattern by scargeear on deviantART

The pattern pieces for the Thorsberg trousers. By Shelagh Lewins

The Trousers from the Thorsbjerg Mose

This shows correct placement of eyelets for spiral lacing.


COSTUME Sleeves vintage print 1926

What is a thoub? A thoub (pronounced thaa-wb) is the traditional Palestinian dress, full and with long sleeves, characterized by colorful embroidery on the chest, arm, or hem areas. Modern thoubs are said to be a mix of Roman, Greek, Coptic, Byzantine and Arab styles - all cultures which, at some time, predominated in historic Palestine. Thoubs could have over 20 sections, depending on the regional style. The Bethlehem dress was the most complex with 25 pieces, the Ramallah dress had 21 piece...

ASALAH - The USAID WB/G Culture & Traditions Magazine - ISSUE 02

Tutorial (Beginner) - An alternative version of the cap uncovered in the viking archaeological dig at York, this one with the back seam left open at the bottom.

Making Medieval Underwear-a practical guide

IL MODELLISMO - Ирина Владимирова - Picasa ウェブ アルバム

Let's talk about fitted sleeves.

Let's Talk About Sleeves | The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist

A million garb patterns by someone who understands how to make patterns.

Patterns + Tutorials by eqos on deviantART

Garments without Patterns - rectangles and triangles ingeniously used in different times and parts of the world - from the book Practical Dress Design Mabel Erwin

Friday Freebie of Awesomeness

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes

The Ten-Gore Dress: Cotehardies from Herjolfsnes

based on the find from Bocksten in Sweden, without the liril pipe