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1) draw outline of eye 2) tape crayons and have them curved the way the eyeball curves 3) blow dry (wax will squirt in random directions) 4) finish the painting of the eye 5) DONE!!!

A painting I did using paint and crayons. I used melted crayons for the sun, reflection, and ocean. I painted and blended the sky. I put the crayons in a glue gun and squirted the melted crayon onto the canvas. Using the glue gun is not as easy as using the blow dryer.

1) get a styrofoam ball 2) get cheap roses (mine were from the dollar store) 3) get spray paint (I used Krylon from Wal Mart) 4) spray paint the roses and cut them off from the stem. Be sure to leave some stem so you are able to stick them in the ball. That is it! It took me about 10 bouquets of flowers to cover the ball. Everything depends on the size of the styrofoam ball you buy. I say the whole thing cost about $20. I love it and it needs to go on your bucket list.

Mix midge podge and glitter together. Paint it on anything you like, and it is glittered. It will probably take a couple coats depending on the amount and type of glitter. I used Martha Stewart glitter but it took quite a few coats. Looks really cool and will be perfect for holding pens and pencils. I put the mixture on the inside so the outside is smooth. It is very hard to scratch so it will work. I added stickers and tape for the heck of it. Love it and suggest you try it!