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Kittens we have met

A glimpse of some of the kittens we have met, who you may see in our cafe.

25 Pins

Kittens we have met

  • 25 Pins

Kitteny dreams...

Cheeky little kitty!

Our little Petra ♥

One of the gingers and our calico

So cosy!

Check out this little beauty!

The lovely Mue

Kittens we met in September

Harley Quinn and Professor Pamplemousse

The bold and beautiful Pudding

Tabby kitties.

Kittens, kittens, everywhere.

  • Hayley Elizabeth Harris Ferguson

    are you only looking at kittens, or also at adult cats? celia hammond has loads that would do well here and are adults - it seems more humane to take adults in bulk rather than kittens, given that kittens are always the first adopted. just a suggestion, can't wait till this place opens!

  • Hayley Elizabeth Harris Ferguson

    (I do appreciate that it is easier to integrate kittens than adults, and that rescue cats might do less well in an environment like this, but certainly something to consider!)

  • Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium (London's first cat cafe)

    Hi Hayley. Thanks for asking that question. We've actually got a family that are coming into the cafe (a mother, kittens and their elder sister from a previous litter). We took them on because their owners were moving and were going to just leave them. We are going to add more cats once we have got these ones settled but at the moment what age etc they will be will depend on which cats we feel would and do get on best with the ones we have. Thanks for your concern though.

  • Laura Zych

    Ditto Haley Elizabeth! More older cats needed.

  • Lilian

    We all get older - even the cats will get older... =^..^=

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More tabby kittens

Little black kitty

Kitten cuddling its toy

One of the tabby kittens

Tabby kittens

Tabby kitten