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Making Inferences not Predictions

Students+with+language+difficulties+struggle+to+make+inferences+and+draw+conclusions+when+faced+with+text+in+the+classroom+and+on+tests. Teach+the...

Making Inferences Role Play Activity

FREEBIE: Inference Posters For Your Classroom!

I'm finding them to be a good step before actually working on inferencing from paragraphs or book (which give don't provide the visuals). Although we're explicitly working on inferencing, these activities also work on cause/effect, prediction, sequencing and figurative language. We also throw in some explanations of the humor for my students on the autism spectrum in the group. To use the comics, I start by modeling the steps several times.

using comics for inferences-this site includes free downloads :)

This activity includes 4 game boards that go along with 16 objects that are described using clues. Great activity for inferencing skills!...

Impossible Wordless film. Great for inferring right from the get go...Infer the setting, the profession of the man, what might happen, character feelings based on actions and expressions...really good.

  • Dawn Uttel

    Wonderful video for inferencing! There are so many areas for students to infer!!

Two sets of 24 *differentiated* Inference Task Cards that help students practice making inferences. The first 12 cards have pictures that students make inferences from. The next 12 cards have short stories that students make inferences from. The two sets use the same stories and pictures but range in guidance. The first set of 24 asks questions to lead to inferences.

Two sets of 24 Inference task cards that help students practice making inferences. Differentiated for your common core classroom!

Great lesson for teaching inference

Reading Is Thinking: Inference lesson/poetry

problem solving/inferences/answering wh questions book. free download from speech time fun.