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Cliffside, Blanes, Spain photo via miguel

Lavender Sunset, France photo via grazia

Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan.

Milford sound and the Mitre peak, New Zealand.

Moorea, French Polynesia.

Soft lighting on a building. Denver believe they have one of the most spectacular lighting displays anywhere in the world, with their illuminated County Building. This unique display incorporates over 20,000 lights and uses an astonishing five miles of cable.

Engelberg, Switzerland.

Blooming Pink Cherry Blossom Trees - Japan.

Emerald Valley, Switzerland.

Spectacular landscapes of ZhangJiajie, China.

The stunning beauty of the Narrow Fjord in Norway.

New Zealand- Cathedral Cove Beach Sunrise.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines | Often called the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Banaue Rice Terraces are thought to have been carved largely by hand into the Ifugao mountains more than 2,000 years ago. Local Filipinos still plant rice and vegetables on the earthy steps, which are watered by an ancient irrigation system fed by runoff from rainforests sitting at a higher elevation. The rice terraces stretch over 6,000 square miles of green, mountainous terrain in the northern Philippines.

White Desert, Egypt | This otherworldly landscape known as the White Desert (or Sahara el Beyda), stretches out across the barren Egyptian terrain approximately 30 miles from the town of Farafra. It earned its name from the curious chalk rock formations poking precariously from the sand, created by sandstorms over the centuries. Not far from the White Desert are the popular water wells of Farafra. More than 100 wells pock the area and serve as sulfurous spas for weary travelers.